Hi everyone,

As a fan of ‘Mage, The Ascension’ scenario and Lovecraft´s cosmology I decided to introduce my group in both of them, once they did not experienced both of them – fully featured – before.

In which concern to Mage, I´d like to show/ teach them the psychological impact of being apart/ above of the world, limited only by themselves. Having an Avatar is complicated, once it´s represented by our unconscious side and desires; our desires may be our nemesis once it has the capability of turning our desires – and our fears – true. Our power is unlimited, but not everyone is prepared for it.

Besides, Cthulhu and Dreamland Mythos provide rich environment to explore Mage´s Personal horror. Once I have several books of Chaosyum, but don´t like the game system, I believe I´m able to build a Mage based metaplot that can be bound to several Call of Cthulhu adventures, like those against the Brotherhood.

Because of this, I´ve chose storytelling this campaign under Technocracy ‘skin’. I´d study August Derleth´s way about the Cthulhu mythos and I believe that the balance between personal horror and the fighting back sensation is good for the fun of the game.

Finally, I´ve choose proper soundtracks and ‘props’ to improve the fun and give to the game a certain degree or realism.

That´s all, I hope everybody enjoy it!
Eduardo di Machiavelli i Ambrosio

Shattered Horrors

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